On July the 13th. I left home to go on a trip with 3 friends, Floyd Flud, from Granbury Tx., Bob Bemiller also from Granbury and Sonny Suskey from Abaline Kansas. I spent the night of the 13th. with my son in Milan Tenn. Then on to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where I met Sonny, the night of the 14th. Sonny and I went to Amirello Tx. where we joined Floyd and Bob, and the adventure began.

Here is sonny at the Amirello KOA where we are to meet up with Floyd and Bon. This is outside the office where we are registering for the night of the 14th. of July.

This is Floyd on the left and Sonny on the right, where we are going to set up our tents, at Amirello Tx.

Here Floyd has flipped up his new camper, while Sonny and I wrestle with tents. ha Floyd had bought this Leesure Lite camper, only took about 45 seconds to set up. (I am not sure that is how it is spelled). ha

Bob also had an easy set up. He had an old camper that had wings on it origionally. He had done away with the outriggings and just put the floors up in an A frame fashion. Worked good for one person. All this while Sonny and I wrestled with tents. ha

There was a big field next to this KOA, and it was full of Jack Rabbits. They were everywhere.

When I went down to Floyds for his Birthday I had a gift for him, and forgot to give it to him. Here he is showing it off. One person saw this picture and commented, he is holding up a banana in front of his face. I will leave it at that. You might ask Floyd what it is. ha

We left Amirello Tx. the morning of the 16th. taking I-40 to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we picked up 550 to Durango, Colorado. Here we took 160 to Cortez, Colorado. Wher we stayed in another KOA. This picture was a stop along the way.

This is another stop along the way. The one below is a shot while riding along. (I took several of these running shots on this trip).

Here you see the scenery out the back side of the KOA at Cortez, Colorado. Floyd went by the entrance, and I blew my train horns at him to get his attention, which didn't work. When we went to register the attendant commented, He didn't know a train came thropugh Cortez.